The purpose of the group is:

  • To provide an opportunity for group members to:
    • meet others with an interest /expertise in neuropsychology and to increase knowledge and support via discussion of cases, topic areas, and issues relevant to the practice of neuropsychology in Aotearoa/New Zealand;  
    • share ideas and information via an email list serve;
    • share information regarding upcoming training events relevant to neuropsychology;
  • To provide workshops and other events related to neuropsychology to contribute to the continuing professional development of group members. Ultimately to run our own conference.
  • To bring the practice of neuropsychology in New Zealand into line with standards of practice in other countries.
  • To work with the Psychologists Board to help regulate the practice of Neuropsychology in NZ.

Becoming a member

It is expected that members of the NZSiGN will be clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, or clinical psychology students. At this stage the membership is intended to be inclusive rather than exclusive, to enable those with an interest in this area to develop their skills, awareness, and expertise. The membership process consists of completing the online form. Your application will be reviewed for suitability; once you have paid your membership fee and been approved, your name will then be added to the NZSIGN mailing list, through which you will receive our communications and can start or take part in discussions amongst the membership.



Minutes are taken of the meetings, and attendance and apologies are recorded.